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20 February 2018
February 26, 2018 Committee of the Whole Cancelled
22 January 2018
Another day and time for Sticks and Pucks has been added to the arena schedule.  Read More...
16 November 2017
A reminder to residents about the responsibility to keep sidewalks clear. Read More...

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Visit Ashcroft

Visit Ashcroft

Welcome to Ashcroft, our picturesque oasis in the arid Thompson River Valley. As you can see from our photo gallery we celebrate four distinct seasons although our winter season is definitely our shortest. If shoveling snow is not your favourite pastime then Ashcroft is where you want to be. Most winters the shovels only come out 3 or 4 times.

In the spring the cactus bloom along the sandy hillsides, alongside the sagebrush. The fruit trees burst into blossom and the lilacs herald the warm weather.

Summer brings our warm weather with temperatures into the 30's Celsius and with careful watering we can grow almost anything. Fresh fruit and produce are available from Desert Hills as well as from vendors at the local Farmer's Market.

Fall brings cooler weather, still wonderful and warm through the day but with cooler evenings. The trees turn colour and the pace of life slows down.

Outdoor activities are plentiful and from many of our hiking trails photo opportunities of our expansive vistas are there for you to enjoy. Bring your bicycle and enjoy easy riding through our downtown area and for the more energetic there are lots of hills to climb and exploring to be done. For travelers wishing to check their email or surf the web, the local library has free internet service available during regular hours.

Welcome to our town and our homes, we are all happy to see you and consider you to be new friends.