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24 September 2018
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Turbidity Scale

Turbidity Scale




The Village of Ashcroft sources our water from the Thompson River and we monitor the turbidity on a regular basis.  The turbidity is recorded at the River Pumphouse which is where the water is pumped from the river into the well, and then further into the system.  This turbidity reading is generally a higher number as the pumps continually stir up any sediment that may be in the system.

The turbidity level is also recorded at Pumphouse #2 which is where the water actually feeds into our water system.  This reading is the actual level of turbidity in the water that flows to each and every water service within our community.  This turbidity reading is generally considerably lower as the water is not distubed as often and there is more settlement of the particulate.
Interior Health has advised that the reading at Pumphouse #2 is the reading that will determine our Water Quality Level however we will continue to record both turbidity readings for your information and reference. 

For more information about water quality and how seriously this issue is taken by water operators like the Village of Ashcroft and Interior Health, we encourage you to visit this webpage developed by Interior Health.  Please be sure to watch the videos posted at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to view a map of every current Boil Water Notice and Water Quality Advisory within the Interior Health Region, please click here.  Ashcroft's water quality status is listed on the map.  


 Latest Turbidity Reading


September 4 1.58 1.48
September 5 1.64 1.34
September 6 1.41 1.29
September 7 1.57 1.18
September 10 1.52 1.35
September 11 1.21 1.16
September 12 1.26 1.24
September 13 1.17 1.22
September 14 1.29 1.18
September 17 1.23 1.16
September 18 0.94 1.05
September 19 1.19 1.81
September 20 1.32 1.43
September 21 1.70 1.31
September 24 1.42 1.02
September 25 1.33 1.06
September 26 1.49 1.04
September 27 1.17 1.09
September 28 1.53 1.25
October 1 0.98 1.17
October 2 1.37 1.65
October 3 1.14 1.27
October 4 1.17 1.17
October 5 0.97 1.11
October 9 1.06 0.92
October 10 1.05 0.93
October 11 1.42 1.18
October 12 1.91 1.08
October 15 1.05 1.09

The Village of Ashcroft in conjunction with Interior Health has issued a Water Quality Advisory, the water quality is now listed as FAIR.
Why has this NOTICE been released?
Testing shows that current water quality is fair because the turbidity level has dropped between 5.0 and 1.0 NTUs.  Seniors, children, or people who have compromised immune systems are recommended to boil their drinking water for at least one minute.
If you have any questions, please contact The Village of Ashcroft at 250-453-9161 or check our website at or the Interior Health Drinking Water Officer at 250-851-7322.

For more information on turbidity, Interior Health provides a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Click here to review this document.

Turbidity Information from Interior Health
Good < 1 NTU Interior Health and the Village of Ashcroft remind customers of the provincial recommendation that newborns and people with compromised immune systems drink boiled water or a safe alternative if served by an unfiltered surface water source.
Fair 1 - 5 NTU Interior Health and the Village of Ashcroft recommend that children, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems drink boiled water or a safe alternative.
Poor > 5 NTU Interior Health and the Village of Ashcroft recommend that all users drink boiled water or a safe alternative. Tap water intended for drinking should be brought to a rolling boil for at least one minute.