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6 November 2018
Water Quality Advisory Issued Nov. 6, 2018
20 October 2018
The polls have closed for the 2018 General Local Elections and the results for Mayor and Councillor can be accessed Read More...
8 June 2018
Water Quality Now Rated as Fair.  The Village of Ashcroft, in conjunction with Interior Health, have changed the water qualifty Read More...

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Adopt A Road Program Policy and Agreements

Adopt A Road Program Policy and Agreements

In 2012 the Village of Ashcroft created an Adopt-A-Road Policy to allow interested individuals groups and organizations to pick up litter along a chosen roadway a number of times each year.  The Village Policy Statement outlining the Program Guidelines is below:

THAT the Village of Ashcroft recognizes the opportunity to develop partnerships with organizations, clubs and individuals to enhance the overall appearance of our community, and further that the Adopt-A-Road program is widely accepted as one of these opportunities.

The Village of Ashcroft wishes to establish an "Adopt-A-Road" Program for arterial roads within Village limits as outlined below:

1.   THAT organizations, clubs and individuals wishing to develop an "Adopt-A-Road" area complete an application form and return it to the Village Office

2.   THAT Administration for the Village of Ashcroft review the completed application, liability waiver and supply form with the applicant

3.   THAT upon completion of the review the application will be approved or denied by Village Administration

4.   THAT copies of approved applications will be forwarded to the Public Works Foreman for their reference and perusal when processing requests for supplies

5.   THAT contracts will be reviewed in two year intervals.

If you are interested in taking part in this program click here to access the Application Form and Liability Waiver. By working together we can ensure our community remains neat and tidy for all of us to enjoy.