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21 September 2018
Fall Yard Water Pickup to take place on October 17 & 18 Read More...
21 September 2018
No properties available through tax sale.
20 September 2018
Water restrictions have been lowered to Stage 1

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Recycling must be brought to Cache Creek Transfer Station
Ashcroft Recycling Depot Closes Aug. 31, 2018
Residents are reminded that the Ashcroft Recycling Depot will close on August 31, 2018; all recyclable materials must be brought to the Cache Creek Transfer station located at 882 Campbell Hill Drive (just off HWY 1).

Follow these links for more information:

Hours of operation of the Cache Creek Transfer Station

New Recycling Program brochure - All items must be clean and sorted. New materials now accepted!

Where to recycle electronics locally