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21 March 2019
The Village of Ashcroft in conjunction with Interior Health have determined that the water quality is now POOR due to Read More...

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Stay Safe During Periods of Heavy Rainfall
Landslide risks increase greatly in areas affected by past forest fires.
The Province of British Columbia would like to make people aware of the ongoing risks of landslide resulting from last year's Elephant Hill Wildfire.  As you are likely aware, the fire event created a situation this year that has made certain locations prone to landslides and debris flow during heavy rain events.

You are invited to view the resources listed below.  Simple select each link to learn more.

Landslide Flooding Risks Due to Wildfires   (brochure)
Landslide info for Homeowners and Potential Buyers  (brochure)
Landslide info for Homeowners and Potential Buyers  (Youtube Video)