Arts and Culture

Ashcroft is an Arts community.  Visitors from around the world are amazed with the variety of Arts for people to participate in and enjoy.  As well, one of the many things that make Ashcroft special is the community's diverse population and cultural history; something our residents are very proud of.


Glass Mosaics have become a major draw for many visitors to our community.  This visually stunning art-form is proudly displayed throughout the community in various locations, in plain view for anyone to stop and enjoy.  Renowned artist Marina Papais and her partner Daniel Collete, along with community members, have been creating these glass mosaics.  Their studio is located in the Ashcroft HUB and is open most afternoons to drop in and see what project is in currently the works.

A Mosaic Walking Tour Map has been created to help direct visitors to the various locations.  Don't be surprised to find other mosaics that are not located on the map, the collection is growing every year.

Village of Ashcroft - Mosaic Map - 2nd Edition

Visual Arts

Ashcroft attracts a large number of visual artists through a variety of mediums.  Below is a list of just a few artists, and other resources for those wanting to witness how visually creative this community really is.

Performing Art

Ashcroft has a large proportion of performers within the community.  From musicians to actors, our arts community can keep you entertained throughout the year.

Culture and Diversity

Ashcroft celebrates the cultures that built this Village and appreciates the diversity of people that make this community whole.  It is this cultural diversity of people who worked together to build Ashcroft and an acknowledgement that our diversity that makes the community stronger.  Three projects in particular that celebrate our diversity include: