Seniors' Services

There are a number of services that are available to our senior residents.  Outlined below is a brief summary of some of these services as well as contact information for the various agencies.

Supportive Housing Options

Is supportive house becoming an option you are needing to consider for yourself or a loved one? There are options available in Ashcroft.

The Thompson View Manor Society is a non-profit society that provides housing options for residents of Ashcroft and the surrounding area, those options include:

The Thompson View Manor - a low-income independent housing complex for seniors who are able to live independently (250) 453-9223.

The Thompson View Lodge - an assisted living complex for seniors who require some support while trying to maintain as much independence as possible (250) 453-0085.

Both of these facilities are in adjoining buildings located just below the Ashcroft & District Health Care Site.

Thompson View Manor Society
710 Elm St. (250) 453-9223

Community Home Nursing Care

Phone: (250) 453-1939

Ashcroft & District Home Support

Phone: (250) 453-1931

Better At Home Program

The Better at Home is a United Way program that helps seniors continue living independently in their own homes by providing simple non-medical services like help with housekeeping and transportation to appointments. This program is being developed for the Ashcroft/Cache Creek and Logan Lake area. For more information click here.

Health Link BC

For access to non-emergency health information and services call 8-1-1 or