Recycling and other Waste Management

Below are other waste management services/topics available to the general public.  Most of the following services are provided by the Thompson Nicola Regional District.  Any questions not answered by the information below should be directed to the TNRD.


The Village does not have a curbside recycling program, instead recycling is brought to the Boston Flats-Eco Depot where it is to be sorted into separate bins.


Boston Flats Eco-Depot

The Boston Flats Eco-Depot, which contains the regional recycling depot is located at 1180 Campbell Hill Drive East, off of Hwy 1 between Ashcroft and Cache Creek - this service is offered by the Thompson-Nicola Regional District.  Additional household waste, hard to dispose items, demolition/construction waste (DLC) all need to be brought to the Boston Flats Eco-Depot for disposal.  The Eco-Depot accepts Visa, Mastercard, Interac and ECO-Cards.

Boston Flats Eco-Depot


Items such as tree timings, and yard waste can be brought to the Boston Flats Eco-Depot and disposed of at no charge (some conditions apply).  Household compost, such as vegetable peels and other organic matter can be disposed of in your own backyard through composting.  Composting is a great way to reduce what is sent to the landfill, saving municipal service costs and creates nutrient rich garden soil.

Compost bins can be purchased through the Village Office through a program sponsored by the TNRD.  These compost bins are available for only $25.00 plus tax.  Alternatively, you can purchase something known as the "Green Digester".  Shaped like a cone, this composting device can tackle items like meat, pasta, and even dog waste and render them into virtually nothing through the power of enzymes and solar heat.  The green digester is available directly from the TNRD and must be picked up from their compound in Kamloops.  Contact the TNRD for pricing and availability.

Ashcroft Bottle & Return-it Centre

Located at 420 Railway Ave, the Ashcroft Bottle & Return-it Centre is the place you can return beverage containers for the deposit. This site will also accept some end of life electronics Visit their website for hours of operation and a complete list of items that are accepted at this location.