Economic Development

Ashcroft enjoys a relatively diversified local economy which includes mining, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, services and tourism.  This diversity is due to a lot of different factors, factors which could give new potential businesses a distinct advantage by operating in Ashcroft.  Below are some of the sectors already represented in Ashcroft and area, and information for future potential commercial ventures.

Hotel Investment Opportunity

Ashcroft offers a magnificent opportunity for developers and investors to build a small hotel in our community. It is severely underserved in the accommodations sector and there is a high demand coming from the local businesses sector, ever growing film industry, local residents that have visiting families and the many tourist that visit Ashcroft.

Video -Ashcroft Seeks Hotel Development


Ashcroft benefits from an outstanding climate that allows for profitable agricultural businesses.  The soil is well draining and fertile.  What grows naturally here, given the dry climate, is extensive tracts of grasslands - the perfect landscape for raising livestock.  Produce grown here is shipped all over Western Canada.  Our major agricultural producers working in Ashcroft and the immediate surrounding include:

Desert Hills has a farm gate produce store on it's property located within the Village.  Visitors can purchase nursery items, local produce, Mexican food, and enjoy many fun events held throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall.


Ashcroft is a picturesque Village located in a visually dramatic landscape.  As a result, the Film Industry has shot a lot of different productions in the community and around the area.  Film projects include movies, television programs, and commercials.  Examples include:

Check out the Kohls Christmas commercial filmed here in Ashcroft in September of 2018.

For more information about filming in the area, please contact the TNRD Film Commission.

Thompson Nicola Film Commission Past Productions

Or click HERE for a more compressive list of movies filmed in Ashcroft and Area.

Housing & Land Development

Ashcroft offers affordable housing, especially when compared to the prices found in the Lower Mainland, Okanagan, and Kamloops housing markets.  With the forecasted growth of the Ashcroft Terminal, the demand for suitable housing will increase.  At this time the housing stock is primarily single family dwellings with a smaller number of multiple family dwellings and apartments also available.  Currently, Village Council is exploring options available to promote the development of new subdivisions and housing.  Please visit our page devoted to Housing and Land Development for more information.


Ashcroft serves as a bedroom community for people working at the Highland Valley Copper mine, one of the largest Copper Mines in Canada.  As well, IG Machine and Fibers, located adjacent to the Village's boarder, has a quarry and colouring plant to produce granules for shingles.  Both are employers of a significant number of Ashcroft residents.



Ashcroft has small and large manufacturing companies and the proximity to both CP and CN mainlines makes Ashcroft an ideal location for manufacturing operations. Our largest manufacturer is Koppers, who manufacture railway ties.   Ashcroft has a small manufacturing company called Rolgear.  Rolgear manufactures unique and much praised ratcheting screw drivers.  Rolgear is a great example of why manufactures should consider Ashcroft.  Ashcroft offers real estate prices much lower than what is found elsewhere in the Province, a Council and Administrative staff that are committed to working with new, potential businesses, and a transportation network able to get manufactured goods from coast to coast.



Often overlooked in a small community is the local retailers.  Although there is room for more local retailers, most items that people require are available here in the Village.  Local retailers contribute a lot to the local economy and are a major employer within the Village.  Local businesses provide quality goods and quality service.  Ashcroft is a member of the Northern Development Initiative Trust's Small Town Love Program:  Love Ashcroft.


Tourism is an economic focus of Ashcroft, where it promotes its historical buildings, legacy as the start of the gold rush trail, and climate as a place where 'Wellness Awaits You.' Ashcroft is part of the tourism society 'Gold Country Tourism,' which promotes the area as a tourism hot spot.

A recent study by  has identified that Ashcroft can support a 63 plus room, major chain hotel, to accommodate existing visitors to the community.  As tourism grows, so will the demand for accommodation.


Ashcroft is situated on Hyy 97C only a 6 km from Hwy 1.  There are two transportation companies based in the Village which includes Arrow Transportation Systems Inc. and the Ashcroft Terminal.

Arrow Transportation Systems Ltd.: operates a terminal from within the Village and is also a major employer in the community.  Arrow is a leader in bulk commodity hauling, reload operations, freight management, logistics, consulting and technology.

Ashcroft Terminal:   Ashcroft Terminal is an inland railcar trans-loading facility that is specifically located to where it can service both railway companies (Canadian Pacific and Canadian National) on its property. It consists of 320 acres of industrially zoned land and 350 acres of 'Buffer Land,' providing an opportunity for railcar storage, trans-loading for multi-modal transportation, and handling of bulk goods. It is also located close to the TransCanada Hwy 1.  Recently, Singapore-based container ports giant, PSA has purchased a major stake in the Ashcroft Terminal.  This with a $9.2 millon funding announcement from the Federal Government signals that the Ashcroft Terminal is set to grow and with that increase the number of jobs in the area.

Village Supporting Infrastructure

Ashcroft is the service center for many communities including Lytton, Clinton, Spences Bridge and Cache Creek.

Within its boundaries it has an RCMP detachment and medical center that services most of the 4000 residents of Ashcroft, Cache Creek and the TNRD Area I. The current municipal infrastructure, which includes  modern sewage and water treatment systems, is capable of serving more than double the current population of 1600 that make Ashcroft home.  High-speed internet service is available through out the community with a desire to bring Fibre Optic service into the community in the near future.  Ashcroft is a location with an abundance of sunshine which allows for the cost effective home and business solar energy projects.