Extreme Heat

Level 1 Heat Advisory taken out of effect August 2, 2020
It is important that residents are aware of the impact of extreme heat, especially for the very young, the elderly, those with chronic illness or those taking certain medications.
People working outdoors, or participating in outdoor activities, face greater heat exposure and are encouraged to modify their hours of work, if possible, and reduce or limit their outdoor activities.
Health Canada offer the following suggestions for staying healthy and safe during an extreme heat event:
    • Always stay hydrated – drink lots of water
    • Wear loose fitting clothing made of light coloured, breathable fabric
    • Take cool showers or baths to feel refreshed
    • Plan strenuous outdoor activities before 11am
    • Spend time in air conditioned environments to allow your body to cool off
    • Limit sun exposure and avoid sunburn – use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Remember, sunscreen will protect you from sunburn, but not from the heat
    • Be aware that infants, young children, elderly, and people with chronic illnesses are at a higher risk of heat-related health effects
    • Check on your friends and neighbours, especially those who may have special challenges, and make sure they are prepared for extreme heat
    • Never leave people or pets inside vehicles during warmer weather
    • Informational brochures are available at the HUB, Pool, Village Office, Museum, or view them online at the Village Facebook page or website
    • Know the signs of Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke and learn how to stay healthy in the heat

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions the Village will not have cooling centres available for the 2020 season. Please take extra precautions and find an air conditioned environment to allow your body to cool off*
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Please take the time to talk to your neighbours and identify residents who require assistance during lengthy extreme heat events. These may be people who do not have air conditioning, have limited or no form of transportation, and no water supply on hand.  It is important that everyone understands the need to cool off during extreme heat events.