Village Maps

Cemetery Map, Village Parcel Map & Utilities Mains Map

This comprehensive map allows you to view cemetery information, water, sewer & storm sewer mains as well as the village parcel details including legal, utility & tax info. The service connection details are slated to be added next year.

Planning map

Draw your proposed boundaries for your project for the building inspector here. This tool is easy to use and flexible. The video on the map demos how to use the tool.

Evacuation Route Planning Map

The Village has responded to concerns in the community about egress in an event of a emergency in particular in response to a fire. This project has been funded from a grant from UBCM. The engineers are working on Class D estimates for the egress route.

Mosaics & Trails Map

This interactive Mosaic Walking Tour Map & Ashcroft Tail map has been created along with a pamphlet to help direct visitors to the various locations. The specific walking tours and trails can be selected from the menu on the left corner. Once tours and and trails are displayed, icons can be clicked to see photos. Clicking on the photos allows you to view full sized images.