Village Finances

The Village of Ashcroft Finances are the responsibility of the Chief Financial Officer. The five year financial plan is prepared and passed by Council by May 15th annually. Daley & Company LLP are the Village's auditors who perform an annual audit in February. Financial Statements and the proposed Five Year Financial Plan are presented to the public at a Town Hall Meeting held in April or May.

Coming Soon

The Village is in the forefront  of using technology to increase transparency and public engagement. We have created interactive business intelligence reports to share internal financial statements and scorecards. These are not audited annual statements but monthly reports used to manage the village and mirror what council receives to manage the municipality. Please note, we will endeavour to update these reports frequently on a best effort basis.

The Five Year Financial Plan and the Tax Bylaw will receive final reading next week and the financial reports will be available subsequently in the next couple of week along with an instruction video.

2020 Town Hall Presentation