Evacuation Route Planning


The need to look at evacuation routes particularly for the Mesa which has one access in and out, was brought forward by the community after the wildfires in 2017. We were able to access funds thorough Union on BC Municipalities (UBCM) for planning and the results of our work are summarized here.

Interactive Map

An interactive map is linked below. There are two YouTube videos. The first on is a How to Video along with a walking path simulation. The second is a narrates set of pictures of the evacuation route as one walks down it from Sage Hills Church.

Interactive Evacuation Map

Engineers Report

The report linked below is the engineers evaluation. The class D estimates of building a road down on the preferred route ‘Reservoir Access’ range from $998 thousand for 3 meter wide option to $1.22 million for a 5 meter option.

Engineer’s Report