Ashcroft Volunteer Fire Department

The Ashcroft Volunteer Fire Department (AVFD) is made up of volunteer members dedicated to the protection of the community.  An agreement exists between Ashcroft and the Ashcroft Indian Band for the AVFD to provide fire protection services for their community as well an agreement exists with the TNRD for structural protection within a defined area.

The AFVD responds to the following within the Village boundaries:

  • Structural and Interface Fires
  • Railway Emergencies
  • Highway Accidents (village and surrounding areas)
  • Provide support to Cache Creek Volunteer Fire Department upon request

The AFVD has approximately 20 members and is lead by:

Fire Chief:  Joshua White

Deputy Chief' Operations: Greg Hiltz

Deputy Chief of Administration: Jonah Anstett

Anyone interested in learning more about the AVFD or how to join can email: 

Fire Smart Your Home

The wildfires over the past few years have demonstrated how important it is to protect your home from the event that a wildfire approaches the community.  Protection is not something that is done when the fire is here, but starts weeks and months in advance to increase the chance that your home can survive a wildfire.  You may be surprised it is a lot easier than you might think.  View the video provided called Home Ignition Zone for ideas about what you can do to help protect your home.