Geocaching and QuestUpon

Visitors and residents alike may enjoy two relatively recent additions to recreational opportunities.  Geocaching and QuestUpon are two technology enhanced activities that can be enjoyable within Ashcroft.


Geocaching, in its simplest form, is the search for a 'cache', containing small items and a log book, hidden in various locations.  Participants can use a GPS with coordinates or clues to find these hidden 'treasures'.  This is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family with various levels of difficulty assigned to each geocache.  Explore Gold Country has placed a large number of geocaches throughout the Gold Country region, this includes Ashcroft.  You can locate several geocaches within the Village, or use Ashcroft as a base for exploring the surrounding area.  For more information and to get started, visit Gold Country's Geocache Website.  There you can obtain coordinates, clues, and an article about each of the geocaches found in Gold Country.

QuestUpon - Ashcroft

If you have a mobile devise, you will enjoy exploring Ashcroft through the QuestUpon App.  The Historic Ashcroft Quest takes the visitor on a self-guided and interactive tour through the village, guiding them with GPS coordinates to various points of interest with their mobile device. Scavenger hunts, historic trivia, collecting items, seeing animals or characters in augmented reality, and viewing historic photos in the exact place they were taken, are all just part of the fun that visitors will encounter. It’s authentic and experiential storytelling in the real world.

The QuestUpon App is available for download for Android and Apple mobile devices.  Visit QuestUpon's website for more information.