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Water Conservation 2023



Ashcroft to reduce Water Consumption by 30-50%

As you are aware British Columbia is experiencing drought conditions with above average seasonal temperatures and minimal precipitation impacting BC watersheds. Although we are fortunate to live on the river and have what seems like an endless supply of water flowing by, we are also susceptible to water shortages, not to mention the impact to communities downstream as river levels continue to drop.

The recent rain feels good and has helped with a little ground saturation; however, the impact to the watershed is minimal and above average temperatures are expected in the coming days. The Province’s Water Stewardship group has advised the Village of Ashcroft that we must reduce our water consumption by 30 – 50%. To do our part, the Village is implementing a Stage 2 Water Restriction effective noon (12:00 pm) Friday August 11, 2023 until further notice.

To monitor water consumption the Village will log the daily volume of water pumped on the Village website throughout the week to inform the community if we are reaching our objectives or further actions are required. If you wish to track the Village water consumption, please log on to the website at:  In addition, we will advise the Provincial Watershed Stewardship group and Interior Health of the measures taken and if we are meeting the required targets.

Please be advised that the Bylaw Officer will be enforcing water restrictions as per Bylaw 799.

The Village appreciates your ongoing cooperation and hope that as summer rolls into fall precipitation levels will increase and restore the watershed to average levels.

Thank you ,

Mayor and Council.


Thompson River Watershed - Requirement to Reduce Consumption



Water Consumption Table 2023

The Province Water Stewardship group has advised the Village of Ashcroft that we must educe our water consumption by 30-50%. To monitor water consumption the Village will be logging the daily volume of water that is pumped in the table below.

Daily Average Pre-Stage 2 (July 12-August 12th)Water Restrictions: 5238 cubic litres

Weather Temperature:
Date Average Consumption (24hrs)% decrease/increase since Aug 12, 2023Max Temp.Min Temp.
September 282962.1-43%°C°C
September 272858.0-45%20.4°C8.9°C
September 262841.8-46%20.2°C10.3°C
September 253291.2-37%19.0°C13.3°C
September 243282.1-37%21.1°C7.5°C
September 232899.8-45%20.8°C11.8°C
September 223043.8-42%20.8°C4.7°C
September 212953.4-44%23.4°C5.1°C
September 202806.6-46%16.6°C8.8°C
September 192861.8-45%18.4°C9°C
September 183511.1-33%19.2°C9.9°C
September 173494.9-33%26.5°C14.2°C
September 163494.9-33%31°C8.3°C
September 153504.9-33%29.2°C8.2°C
September 143482.4-34%28.3°C9.1°C
September 133148.8-40%26.1°C9.2°C
September 123166.1-40%21.3°C12.4°C
September 113799.9-27%25.2°C19.9°C
September 103753.9-28%31.3°C10.3°C
September 93142.7-40%31°C9.7°C
September 83324.8-37%28.4°C
September 73475.2-34%26.4°C13.6°C
September 63363.9-36%25.5°C9.6°C
September 53058.6-42%25.5°C16.0°C
September 43402.3-35%26.7°C13.4°C
September 33298.6-37%23.1°C16.1°C
September 23118.2-40%30.8°C12.6°C
September 13077.4-41%28.2°C13.1°C
August 313919.1-25%20°C13.9°C
August 303812.9-27%27.4°C18°C
August 293822.6-27%26.3°C16°C
August 284382.7-16%35.5°C14.7°C
August 274317.7-18%34.7°C13.8°C
August 264197.7-20%32.5°C12.6°C
August 254292.3-18%27.4°C11.5°C
August 244218.9-19%24.5°C14.5°C
August 234142.6-21%20.7°C13.2°C
August 224130.6-21%29.6°C16.0°C
August 214932.0-6%26.1°C13.8°C
August 204873.6-7%29.2°C10.4°C
August 194531.6-13%28.1°C12.1°C
August 185079.8-3%30.3°C19.4°C
August 175026.9-4%39.5°C18.4°C
August 164999.1-5%37.1°C21.9°C
August 154395.8-16%41.1°C19.8°C
August 144975.4-5%39.2°C18.9°C
August 134914.3-6%37.7°C16.1°C
August 124607.7-12%32.9°C19°C