Ashcroft is Open for Business

Ashcroft offers advantages few other villages can rival:


We are strategically located 6.5 km from Hwy 1 on Hwy 97c making it easy to get to the Lower Mainland, Northern BC, Okanagan Region or heading east towards Alberta.  As well, Ashcroft has the Ashcroft Terminal which is a trans-modal Inland Port servicing both CN and CP Rail Mainlines and an Arrow Transport terminal.  This means you can get your products to markets from around the world without leaving the Village.


Ashcroft boasts some of the warmest temperatures in the summer with relative mild winters.  Complimenting that is our soil which is rich and fertile.  Ashcroft is a proven agriculture producer, from livestock to fruit and vegetables and is a suitable location for large and small scale farm operations.  To give you an idea of the produce that can be grown here, please visit on of our larges producers, Desert Hills Ranch.


Ashcroft has industry ranging from small to large.  Two examples of this are Rolgear: a small manufacturer of one of the best ratcheting screw drivers found in the world, and IG Machine and Fibre: which manufacturers granules for roof shingles.


The cost of real-estate, taxation, and living costs are lower here when compared to surrounding centers like Kamloops, the Lower Mainland, and the Okanagan and translates into a competitive advantage for any business wanting to relocate to our community or starting fresh.  We have all of the services that businesses need to keep their employees and their families happy and healthy.


Village Council has promoted high speed internet as a priority to help bring the tech industry into our community.  This means the Village is looking for ways to increase the high speed service that already exists to Fiber Optic service for the fastest internet connection available.  Village staff is currently working on this initiative.

Visit the section of our website devoted to Economic Development.