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Ashcroft is a community immersed in art and culture. Visitors from around the world are amazed by the creativity showcased by the many art installations throughout the community that tell the stories of our cultural diversity and rich history.




Mosaics  -  Murals  -  Music  -  Theatre

Art Installations

Ashcroft boasts a variety of art installations that draw in visitors. These captivating artworks are scattered throughout the community, inviting people to pause and admire them. Local and regional artists, as well as many other contributors, played a key role in creating these diverse installations.

Additionally, the community offers a self-guided Art/History Walking Tour Map. This tour takes participants through the town, showcasing not only the art installations but also exploring the area's rich history. It provides an immersive experience for both art enthusiasts and history buffs to appreciate the community's cultural heritage.

Last updated: 2024

Art & Walking Trails Interactive Map 

Ashcroft Art/History Walking Tour Map 2024 


Local Artists

Ashcroft is home to a large number of visual artists through a variety of mediums.  Below is a list of just a few artists, and other resources for those wanting to witness how visually creative this community really is.


Performing Arts

Ashcroft is home to Winding Rivers Arts and Performance Society, a large group of talented performers from the community itself and surrounding municipalities that have a passion for theatre. Their productions have caught the attention of theatre lovers and they will travel from far and wide to catch a show.


Live music is a passion that residents and tourists enjoy throughout the warmer months with music in the parks, live entertainment at local eateries and live performances during events. Many performers and venues can be found in the Live Music-Thompson Nicola website.


History and Culture

Chinese Cemetery  -  Harmony Bell Monument  -  Museum  -  Heritage Place Park

Chinese Cemetery

Ashcroft once had a large population of Chinese settlers and small part of their story can be seen at the restored Chinese Cemetery located on the East side of Ashcroft along Hwy 97C. Visit our webpage to learn more about this historical site.

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Harmony Bell Tower

The Harmony Bell Tower is a beautiful display of community spirit and cultural harmony. Each panel was created by artist Marina Papais and in collaboration with individuals, groups and families from the community.

Harmony Bell Monument




Considered one of the best museums located in any BC Village, the collection includes artifacts that date back to the early 1900's and and bears witness to Ashcroft's "Glory Days".

Ashcroft Museum

Historic Walking Tour

Heritage Place Park

Take a stroll  through time as you meander through this wonderful little gem. From the parking lot to the enormous mine truck near the Harmony Bell Monument you will encounter a waterwheel, historic sod roofed cabin, a log gazebo for performances, many mosaics and murals, a caboose, a trail with benches, and a shaded picnic area for all to enjoy.


Farm Fresh Produce

Ashcroft is blessed with abundant produce in the summer. The Desert Hills ranch and farm attracts visitors from all over BC for its tremendous produce.

Desert Hills


Ashcroft has a rich history intertwined with the rail lines. Both Canadian Pacific Railway and CN Railway pass through town and are displayed in mosaics around town as well in museum exhibits depicting our history. Ashcroft is a great place to train watch. You can sit comfortably in our beautiful, shaded Heritage Park and watch trains go by or from one of the vantage points along the Inuksuk trail.