Solid Waste Collection

The Village Public Works Department is responsible for providing residential garbage collection and disposal.

In 2012, the Village implemented an automated solid waste collection system that utilizes a truck with an automated arm to empty specific curbside solid waste containers.  The Village issued one durable 250 L molded plastic container to each single family dwelling.  Multi-family dwellings were provided with 1,135 L containers.  Property owners may request an additional container for an additional annual fee.  Please note that the bins are the property of the Village and property owners will be charged for replacement of any lost or bins damaged due to  negligence.  Each container has been numbered and assigned to the corresponding property number.

Solid Waste collection is a self-funded service, which means the amount the Village collects in utility fees in the Spring pays for the service.  This is considered a best practice for all municipalities since what you pay in solid waste fees pays the total cost of the service, including setting money aside for the eventual replacement of the garbage truck (and bins) when they reach the end of their useful lifespan.


Collection Schedule

Garbage bins must be located on the road side prior to 7 am on your collection day.  Bins placed after this time may be missed and not collected.


Village properties located on the South of the Thompson River: Downtown and Mesa


Village properties located on the North side of the Thompson River: North Ashcroft

Commercial customers are picked up on Tuesday or Friday depending on the property location.



Residents are reminded that only house-hold waste may be placed in the garbage receptacles.

The following items are not allowed:

  • Corrugated cardboard and other recyclable materials
  • Batteries
  • Grass clippings, twigs, and yard waste
  • Demolition/Construction materials
  • Materials hazardous to health, such as used oil, fuel, paints, chemicals, etc.

Receptacles found with the above materials may not be collected by the garbage truck operator.

Relevant Links and Further Information

Solid Waste Collection Removal and Disposal Bylaw No. 785, 2013
Amendment Bylaw No. 798, 2015
Amendment Bylaw No. 814, 2017

Recycling Facilities

Cache Creek Transfer Station

TNRD Free Dump Day (yet to be updated form 2019)

Village Yard Waste Clean Up Dates (yet to be set for 2019)