Welcome to Ashcroft

A place worth visiting!

We hope you enjoy our picturesque oasis along the Thompson River.  We boast one of the driest climates in all of Canada where summers are warm and winters are mild.  If shoveling snow is not your favourite pastime then Ashcroft is where you want to be.  Most winters the shovels only come out 3 or 4 times.

In the spring the cactus bloom along the hillsides of sage and sand. Our diversity of migratory birds is hard to match.  Fruit trees blossom as the community bursts into life.

Summer brings our warm weather with temperatures into the 30's Celsius and with careful watering we can grow almost anything. Fresh fruit and produce are available.  Bugs are seldom a bother making outdoor living nuisance free.

Fall brings cooler weather, still wonderful and warm through the day. The trees turn colour, the salmon are running, and the stands are bursting with fall produce for winter storage.

Outdoor activities are plentiful, hiking surrounding hills brings photo opportunities of our expansive vistas. Bring your bicycle and enjoy easy riding through our downtown area.  Stroll along the streets and view the many beautiful mosaics found throughout the community.  We offer a respite from the hustle and bustle of our nearby cities; life is a manageable pace in Ashcroft, that's one of the reasons we say: "Wellness Awaits You" in Ashcroft.


Glass Mosaics have become a major draw for many visitors to our community.  This visually stunning art-form is proudly displayed throughout the community in various locations, in plain view for anyone to stop and enjoy.  Renowned artist Marina Papais and her partner Daniel Collete, along with community members, have been creating these glass mosaics.  Their studio is located in the Ashcroft HUB and is open most afternoons to drop in and see what project is currently in the works.

An Interactive Mosaic Walking Tour Map & Ashcroft Tail map has been created along with a pamphlet to help direct visitors to the various locations. The specific walking tours and trails can be selected from the menu on the left corner. Once tours and and trails are displayed, icons can be clicked to see photos. Clicking on the photos allows you to view full sized images.

The online map is updated frequently as the collection grows every year.

Mosaic Walks & Walking Trails Interactive Map 

Village of Ashcroft - Mosaic Map Pamphlet - 2nd Edition


Considered one of the best museums located in any BC Village, the collection includes artifacts that date back to the early 1900's and and bears witness to Ashcroft's "Glory Days".



Ashcroft has a rich history intertwined with the rail lines. Both CP and CN rails pass through town and are displayed in mosaics around town as well in museum exhibits depicting our history. Ashcroft is one of the best places to train watch. Sit comfortably in our beautiful, shaded Heritage Park and watch trains go by.

Legacy Park - RV site

The campground along the banks of the Thompson River has been  refurbished with new washrooms, showers and laundry facilities.


My husband and I would like to advise of the great service and personal relationships we had with your manager Barry Tripp. First time we've been in Ashcroft and would come again because of the welcoming we felt.  - R+H

We are staying at Legacy Park campground and just wanted to say, we are thoroughly impressed. Very clean and organized in a time when that really matters. The camp supervisor, Barry, has been amazing. He's personable, works hard, and is always available for answering questions and for advice about the area. I will highly recommend this campsite and the village in general. Thank you for a nice experience. - Jeff

Legacy Park Page




Heritage Park & Culture 

A great diversity of people with distinct cultures have made Ashcroft what it is today. We aim to celebrate, appreciate, and pay homage to the diversity that makes our community whole. Nurturing a divserse, supportive, community makes our Village stronger. Three projects in particular that acknowledge our diversity include:

Ashcroft Pool Park

To beat the summer heat locals and visitors alike enjoy the Ashcroft Pool and its accompanying Park. The pool contains a lap pool, wading pool, slide, and diving boards, with a new hot-tub project in the works!

Ashcroft Pool Page

Horseback Riding

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride horseback through the terrain depicted in old Western movies?  Wonder no more! You can do it here in Ashcroft.  This is 'Cowboy Country'.  In the area surrounding Ashcroft there are several working cattle ranches where cowboys still use horses to get the job done.  Those interested in horseback riding may explore the links below.

Gryphon Hollow Farms
Sundance Guest Ranch


Fishing is a pass-time enjoyed by many local residents. There is a large array of excellent fishing lakes within 40 km of our community.  Fishing opportunities are available all four seasons, including ice fishing during the winter.

Fishing Page

Farm Fresh Produce

Ashcroft is blessed with abundant produce in the summer. The Desert Hills ranch and farm attracts visitors from all over BC for its tremendous produce.

Desert Hills